2 Bundles w/ Closure Deal (Malaysian)


Blunt Cuts are very popular hairstyles especially during the summer. Not everyone loves their Hair Extensions long. Some prefer just a short simple flawless cut, others may prefer both. To make your selection a little easier we put together a bundles deal with 2 Bundles & a matching closure. Where all my Trendsetters at?!!!



We can all agree that Blunt Cut Hairstyles (bob hairstyles) are trendsetters. This style can be worn shoulder length, a little past the shoulder, or a more bolder look- ear length. Whichever length you decide to wear this hairstyle, I’m sure we can all agree- this style is simply FLAWLESS!!!!!! We have decide to put together a convenient bundles w/ closure deal for you and added some of our favorite celebrity pictures just in case you are/were indecisive about what length, color, or style to get for your next new hairstyle. This deal includes 2 Silky Straight and Body Wave Malaysian bundles with a matching closure, in lengths 12″-16″. We hope this will be very helpful for you to choose. If you want to bleach, dye, color, cut, curl, or flat iron your new hair feel free to do so with no worries.

Additional information


12"/12" w/ 12" Closure, 14"/14" w/ 14" Closure, 16"/16" w/ 16" Closure, Body wave 12"/12" w/ 12" Closure, Body wave 14"/14" w/ 14" Closure, Body wave 16"/16" w/ 16" Closure