Honey Blonde Ombre Deep Wave Closure




Looking for a way to protect your natural hair from heat & chemical damage? Then try our Honey Blonde Ombre Deep Wave Closure. If you have been getting your sew-in done with minimal leave out and find yourself constantly having to flat iron, curl, perm, relax, & blow dry your hair so that it blends with your hair extensions, the Closure is right for you. Applying heat to your hair on a consistent basis can cause hair damage, hair breakage, and split ends. Perms & relaxers can cause your hair to be over processed and result in it falling out.  Protect your crown by trying our matching closure the next time you get your sew-in. You will be satisfied and your hair will too!


Lengths: 12″ – 18″

Type: Lace Closure

Style: Deep Wave

Color: Honey Blonde Ombre

Weight: 35 grams / 1.2 oz