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Clip-on Ponytails


If you’re on the go and looking for a quick fix that’ll add length and volume when it comes to your hair, our clip-on Ponytails are right for you. If you need your hair to breathe after a long day, just take your Ponytail off and put it away until next time.



As the length increase so do the weight. Our clip-on Ponytails come in two colors: Blonde and Black (Natural). You are to treat this hair the same exact way you’ll treat it if it was growing from your scalp. Hair can be bleached, dyed, colored, shampooed, conditioned, and ends can be trimmed to promote its healthy state.


20” = 80 grams

22” = 90 grams

24” = 100 grams

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20", 22", 24", Black (Natural) 20", Black (Natural) 22", Black (Natural) 24"